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Photoseed soy

A better bean for everyone

Used for food, feed and fuel, soybeans are one of the planet’s most important agricultural crops with skyrocketing demand. However, misaligned incentives across the value chain limit the crop’s ability to meet future challenges.

As innovation has prioritised “field yields”, soy protein levels have consistently declined over the past decade. With increased demand for both oil and protein, additional production often comes at the cost of a larger environmental footprint.

PhotoSeed soy is a better bean that maintains modern field yields and improves processing and nutritional yields with fewer inputs on a smaller environmental footprint.

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Challenge: Food vs Fuels

Demand from renewable energy drives up food costs with not enough sustainable feedstock

PhotoSeed Soy: Higher Oil with Lower Carbon Intensity

PhotoSeed soybeans have 22-23% oil versus 18-20% in commodity beans; providing feedstock security while improving processing margins

Challenge: Deteriorating Soy Meal Quality

Industry protein standards for soybean meal dropped from 48% to 46%, driving up cost and lowering sustainability of feed

PhotoSeed Soy: Higher Protein Meal

Reversed a decade of quality decline by increasing protein and lowering carbohydrates

Challenge: Worsening Sustainability of Soy

Insatiable demand for soy means new acreage comes at the expense of of forest and pasture lands

PhotoSeed Soy: Improved Sustainability

Fueled by increased carbon capture in the field, nutritionally enhanced PhotoSeed soy reduces land use requirements, improves feed conversion, and lowers overall carbon intensity

Challenge: Fragmented Value Chain

Volume-driven business with disparate incentives results in a race to the bottom mentality

PhotoSeed Soy: Harmonized Value Chain

Harmonized value chain that aligns and improves economics for growers and partners while offering more sustainable and affordable nutrition for consumers

Let’s Build a NewType Tomorrow

We’re building a more equitable and resilient agricultural system on a smaller environmental footprint, but we can’t do it without your help.