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ZeaKal is a team of innovators committed to improving how we nourish the world.

The name ZeaKal comes from our roots spanning New Zealand and California. Grounded in transformative science, our plant trait technologies have been proven to increase carbon capture, nutritional density and nutrient use efficiency in plants. With nimble global operations spanning gene to field, we pioneer new tools to produce more sustainable and affordable nutrition across the world’s most important crops.

Through our science and core principles, we have attracted leading industry collaborators and investors. Backed by a growing community of global partners, we are building a more equitable and resilient agricultural system on a smaller environmental footprint.

We believe access to food and nutrition is a basic human right. Producing it as sustainably as possible is the only way we can nourish the next generation and leave the world better than we found it.

Rethinking the world’s most important crops

We innovate beyond science to rethink how the industry can respond to agriculture’s mightiest challenges.

Foundational Science

Grounded in innovation from leading plant science institutes, we work with a global research network that provides end-to-end trait development capabilities from early discovery to full global commercialization.

Integrated Partnerships

Our commercial collaborations offer comprehensive solutions and insights for our growers while building products valued by our customers and consumers.

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Unique Business Model

We are creating a NewType of agriculture with a business model that incentivizes collaborators to prioritize value, quality, and sustainability for the world’s most important crops.

Let’s Build a NewType Tomorrow

We’re building a more equitable and resilient agricultural system on a smaller environmental footprint, but we can’t do it without your help.