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ZeaKal announces webinar centered on rejuvenating the ag ecosystem

Three-part series begins Thurs., Sept 17 at 3PM EST. Registration available at zeakal.com

San Diego, CA, August 26, 2020 – ZeaKal, a plant traits innovator focused on improving crop efficiency and sustainability, invites ag tech entrepreneurs, investors and strategic partners to join a free livestream discussion focused on how to rejuvenate the ag tech ecosystem given the challenges of 2020.

The series, called The Root of It, will explore the modern history of how one of the most efficient and productive agricultural systems was built and how this success may also be contributing to the challenges ag tech innovators face today. Speakers will discuss the DNA of disrupted industries and the models, culture and talent that led to the adoption of new technology. The series will also explore how key players within the global agriculture ecosystem can work more effectively to meet the needs of farmers and consumers.

“The agriculture industry has long accepted the current pace of innovation. However, the global pandemic has underscored the need for resiliency in the ag/food system if we are to overcome the next wave of challenges, including climate change and economic deprivation,” said Han Chen, CEO of ZeaKal. “Through these dialogues, we will ask, ‘can we repurpose, or do we need to reinvent agriculture to accelerate the pace of innovation and meet global food demands?”

Chen will be joined by industry experts: Alan Bjerga, renowned journalist and author of Endless Appetites, who is now senior vice president at the National Milk Producers Federation; Mary Dimou, senior director with Canopy Rivers; and Paul Schickler, former president of DuPont Pioneer (now Corteva) and owner of III Ag.

Participants can join in the discussions by registering for free at: http://root-of-it.eventbrite.com/

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At ZeaKal, we are building a value driven “NewType” of agriculture to harmonize the needs of farmers, consumers, and our planet. Our flagship plant trait technology, PhotoSeed™, helps crops capture more carbon and sunlight, leading to healthier, nutrient-rich food and feed grown on a smaller environmental footprint. We go beyond science to make affordable nutrition more sustainable, with marketable differentiation for growers. Discover how we are transforming carbon to nutrition: zeakal.com or @zeakal on Twitter.

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