Today’s Challenges

Feeding the future has become more difficult than ever. In the next thirty years, agricultural productivity will have to increase by 70% to meet global demand. This number equates to the cumulative improvements provided by all technological advancements in agriculture since the first crops were domesticated.

As we face the pressures of a growing population and increased climate volatility, we will also need to produce this food under increasingly adverse conditions. The world continues to lose arable land and fresh water annually. In addition to natural resource loss, innovations that once offered stepwise changes to productivity, are no longer efficacious or being removed from the market all together. In other words, productivity alone is not enough. The innovation of tomorrow will have to meet ever-changing consumer and environmental demands.

As daunting as these challenges are, we are looking to the plant’s biology to create next generation solutions. Our technology offers both farmers and consumers an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to increase agricultural productivity. At ZeaKal we are dedicated to developing globally transformative technologies that will feed the world on a smaller footprint.