ZeaKal Team

Han Chen, CFA, Chief Executive Officer — Mr. Chen is the Co-Founder and CEO of ZeaKal and brings over 11 years of management and venture experience.  Read More >>


Jerry Caulder, Ph.D., Executive Chairman — Often referred to as the “father of agricultural biotechnology”, Dr. Jerry Caulder has an unparalleled record of success in the life sciences industry…  Read More >>


Amy Curran, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer — Dr. Curran brings over fifteen years of industry and research leadership in the commercialization of biotech crops and industrial microbes.  Read More >>


Greg Bryan, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer — Dr. Bryan is one of the scientific co-founders of ZeaKal and developed the international public-private collaboration model alongside Kapyon Ventures.  Read More >>


Nick Roberts, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer — Dr. Roberts is a scientific co-founder and the inventor of ZeaKal’s underlying technology portfolio. Read More >>


Ann Whitley, Chief Financial Officer — Ms. Whitley serves as the company’s CFO and brings over twenty years of public and private accounting and business management experience to the team.  Read More >>